A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Welcome to the scary world of the ASCII games. This my very first finished game. Released on April 2011.


I was a very big fan of roguelikes at that time and I wanted to write my own. I discoveredlibtcod and started working on it. It was a great experience because learned Python (at that time I only knew C from my university) while making the game. Since the game has ASCII graphics, a roguelike is a very good game for a 1-man dev team.

My motivation to make this game was to create a roguelike game with the following features (which were missing in my favourite ones)

  • Wilderness/Towns
  • Day-night cycle
  • Party members

PabloQuest does not only feature dungeons, it has towns. The player can buy and sell goods, rest and hire companions. If the player character is powerful enough, he can try to raid the towns.

When the player leaves a town, he enters the wilderness. The wilderness consist on seas, beaches, plains, forests and mountains. The wilderness (like everything else in the game) is randomly generated for each game. A customized heightmap generator is used and the game will place 5 dungeons and 5 citys (of diferent sizes and difficulties) in a random locations. The player must adventure himself and conquer the 5 dungeons in order to beat the game.

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PabloQuest also features a day-night cycle, which affects the gameplay in a number of ways:

  • Ambushes in Mountains and Forests are more common in darker hours
  • Player visibility is reduced according to the time of the day
  • Dungeons can only be entered at night

Party members: In most of the roguelikes, the player character walks around a dungeon alone, fighting enemies and looting treasures. Few of them will feature a party system where you could have followers/minions. In PabloQuest you can easily create your own small group of minions that will obey your orders during battle and follow you in your adventures. The player can recruit more minions by:

  • Hiring them in towns
  • Summoning them with magic scrolls
  • Converting enemies into allies (magic)


PabloQuest also features dismemberment, a dodging system, boss battles (one per dungeon) and random treasure rooms.


My game inspired another game developer (Tomasz 'Vedor' Nowakowski ) and he createdUnPabloQuest, a fork of the original game.


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